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Dimplex Vivente

Vivente is the latest innovation in electric flames from Dimplex Fires. With a choice of different widths, namely 75, 100 and 150 cm, this fireplace is sized to suit a variety of applications.

The clever design enables the choice of creating a 1, 2, or 3-sided configuration when the product is being installed, while anti-reflective glass avoids unwanted reflections impacting upon the stunning flame effect. It is this Revillusion flame effect that truly sets Vivente apart – by removing the central mirror seen in traditional electric fires, Revillusion increases the visible depth of the firebox and allows the firebox lining to be changed to suit your interior design theme.

There are 4 finish options included as standard – ribbed, tiled, stacked stone, and plain black, you can even customise your own panel to suit.

Vivente’s unrivalled features include SmartSense motion sensing technology, heating, and a multitude of flame color and sensory options such as the crackle of a real fire.

These settings can be controlled either with the on-board controls, the remote control, or the Flame Connect
App (available for Android and iOS). If you think you know electric flame, think again – welcome to the future.

🔥 3 installation options: 3 sizes, 1-, 2- or 3-sided decorative fireplace

🔥 Revillusion flame technology: Doubles the visual depth of the firebox

🔥 Flame Connect App: Available for your smartphone

🔥 Mood lighting themes: 8 ambient lighting themes built-in, with the option to fully customise your own theme through the app

🔥Flame effects: Colour-changing flame effects

🔥Back panel: 4 back panel options to suit your décor

🔥 Fuel bed options: 2 fuel bed options – traditional ceramic log set and clear crystals

🔥 Anti-reflective glass

🔥 Crackling sound effect: Real flame crackling sound effect

🔥 ComfortSaver: Energy efficient 1.5kW heater, offering up to 11% saving

🔥 SmartSense technology: To detect room movement

🔥 Timer: 7-day programmable timer

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