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Eamonn Hughes Memorials

Eamonn Hughes Memorials bring their customers 110 years of Tradition and Craftmanship in Stone. Hughes Memorials was established in 1909 by P.R. Hughes (grandfather of Eamonn Hughes) and we have been manufacturing and erecting memorials in the west of Ireland for over 100 years.

We understand that buying a memorial for a loved one can be an anxious time. After all, it is something that we all wish that we did not have to do. But once the decision is made there is a sense of fulfilment, relief and closure.

We at Hughes Memorials will help you and your family members to select a memorial that fills all of your needs, in making a lasting memory to your loved ones.

It is not our policy to call to your home, we believe that choosing a memorial is something that should not be rushed. You should not pressured into making a decision before you are ready.

We invite you to call into us in Claremorris, where Teresa or Eamonn will be glad to help you in choosing a memorial that suits your needs. We have a wide range of styles, prices, materials and script options to choose from. For decades, we have been offering the service of adding additional inscriptions to memorials, cleaning headstones, repairs and maintenance, sealing/ concreting graves and adding chippings.


Remember Me Plaques

We have a selection of plaques and accessories, that can be bought as standard or personalised as you wish, with a message to a loved one or a verse of your choice.

We have crosses that can be used to mark a grave until such time as you choose to erect a permanent memorial and these can then be partly redeemed off the cost of the completed memorial. These crosses are also suitable for distant relatives or unmarked graves.

Visit our Showrooms and see our extensive range of:



Remember Me Plaques
Eternal Lights


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