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eReflex Trento Suites

Creating a designer eReflex installation can be as easy as simply hanging your fire on the wall with the range of Trento Suites. Each Trento Suite features clean and stylish floating shelves for a statement finish that completely houses your fire.

Both 70W and 110W eReflex Outset fires can be installed as three-sided or two-sided corner fires. For two-sided corner installations, the Trento Left Offset and Trento Right Offset Suites can be positioned with the flush end against the corner of the room.

For perfect symmetry, the Trento Central offers a balanced style that positions the fire in the middle of the Suite. Alternatively, the Left and Right Offset Trento options provide a strikingly asymmetric installation. Depending on your choice of installation, contrasting black Decorative Columns and End Caps can be added to complete your eReflex Trento and heighten appeal.



Brand - Gazco

Two sided and three sided options

Remote control

Three different flame options - nAmber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent

Chromalight Immersive LED system

Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat

Choice of fuel effectsLogs, Grey & Clear Pebbles and Crystal Ice-effect

Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating

Optional base Trim available


Fire Size                                                                  A              B                   C

70W Trento Left Offset Suite - White             825mm     1083mm     700mm†

70W Trento Right Offset Suite - White           825mm    1083mm     700mm†

70W Trento Left Centre Suite - White            934mm     1440mm     700mm†

110W Trento Left Offset Suite - White         1225mm     1483mm     1110mm†

110W Trento Right Offset Suite - White       1225mm     1483mm     1110mm†

110W Trento Left Centre Suite - White         1334mm     1840mm     1110mm†

†Flame picture viewing area

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