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Reflex Gas Fires


The Reflex fire range couples advanced technology with ultra-lifelike logs to create a truly stunning gas flame effect almost indistinguishable from a real woodburning fire.

Offering the ultimate in gas fire realism, Reflex fires can be selected in portrait, landscape, single and multi-sided versions - with a choice of styling options to suit your home.

Reflex Fire Options


Reflex 75T

Reflex 105

Reflex 75T Multi-sided

The versatile 75T suites modern or traditional settings alike, with a wide range of contemporary frames and classical stone mantel options. Conventional or balanced flue versions ensure this gas fire can be installed with or without a chimney.

Nothing compares to inspiring presence of the landscape 105. The fire’s expansive flame view can be enhanced with a range of stylish lining and surround possibilities to suit your tastes. Choose from conventional or balanced flue gas fires.

Granting a panoramic view of the stunning flames, balanced flue Reflex multi-sided gas fires let you create a bespoke two-sided or three-sided fireplace. Flames can be viewed from different angles, creating a unique focal point in your home.

Enchanting Effects

Reflex gas fires feature multiple burners that create tall and beautifully varied flames. Front and rear flames can be independently controlled to achieve the perfect mood. But it is the positioning of the burners, hidden within the ultra-realistic logs, which really bring this advanced gas fire to life, letting the dancing flames flow around the logs – exactly like a real log fire.

All Reflex gas fires feature an advanced LED Emberglow up-lighting system for amazingly authentic embers. For all-year enjoyment, the fuel bed’s ambient lighting can be turned on without the gas flames and heat – meaning you can enjoy the fire’s inviting glow even on a warm summer’s evening.

To ensure the clearest possible view of the flames, Reflex gas fires include Gazco’s non-reflective glass. Removing unwanted reflections, this crystal clear glass helps create the wonderful open-fire aesthetic of a traditional fire that perfectly accentuates the Reflex’s lifelike visuals.

Reflex Myfire App Control

Reflex gas fires can be selected with optional Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you use the Myfire app to control your fire from your smart phone or tablet device. This option lets you control your fire from your smart phone or tablet device using the Myfire app. Providing even greater control over your Reflex fire’s EcoFlex gas saving mode, this powerful app also gives you all the features of the included Harmony10 handset through your mobile device.


Reflex Key Details

  • Landscape and multi-sided fires

  • Adjustable LED lighting effects

  • Non-reflective glass for a crystal-clear flame view

  • Various frame and lining options

  • Optional smart phone or tablet control

  • EcoFlex gas saving mode

  • Natural Gas or LPG

  • Conventional or balanced flue fires

  • Harmony10 Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control

Lining Options

Creating a backdrop to the stunning flames, the Reflex’s lining options let you choose the style of your fire and the atmosphere it will create.

Depending on which model you choose, Reflex gas fires can be selected with a choice of linings including Black Reeded, Brick-effect, Fluted Vermiculite, Ledgestone effect or, for a dramatic and entrancing backdrop, Gazco’s EchoFlame Black Glass lining. Featuring polished, highly reflective surfaces, the fire’s flames are mirrored from different angles to enhance the depth of the firebox.


Framing Options

Supplied as an Edge fires as standard, both Reflex 75T and 105 fires can be installed frameless for a minimalist hole-in-the-wall look. Both fires can be dramatically transformed with a host of framing and surround options depending on the fire.

As well as the contemporary frame choices, the Reflex 75T can also be combined with a number of elegant stone mantels, allowing you to create a beautiful, traditional fireplace with all the benefits of a cutting-edge gas fire.

Various surround options enhance the 105’s landscape proportions. The Icon XS adds a shimmering black glass frame, whilst the two luxurious stone Sorrento surrounds offer a striking yet minimalist take on the fireside.

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